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About Heart Cleaning services

i, my name is Sarah and I suppose I 'am' Heart Cleaning services!
I grew up in the beautiful Meon Valley and have enjoyed working here for the last five years. I live in Bishops Waltham and I have always loved (I know it's strange) keeping my home clean - and with two dogs, two cats, guinea pigs, chickens and a messy man, it is quite a task. But everyday I clean the house from top to bottom and am really happy!
Heart Cleaning was set up in October 2010 as a domestic cleaning service but I wanted it to be more than just another 'cleaning service'.
Firstly and most importantly, I want you to be stunned by the very high standard of service offered by Heart Cleaning, there will not be any 'executive packages' all of our cleaning will simply be amazing!
In addition to this we want Heart Cleaning to ooze trust and friendship. You are inviting a Heart cleaner into your private home and we will always respect that, treating your home like our own. Whether from myself or another Heart cleaner, we will always be approachable, flexible and open to any additional requirements you may have when we visit. Want some shopping done or a bit of ironing just ask! At work and running late but need some flowers for the house or let the dog out? We will be happy to help.
From the very start of working with you, we know that it is essential we properly manage your expectations to ensure you are really happy with our service. We encourage you to give us feedback both good and bad so that we can meet your expectations.
Our costs are currently £14 an hour reflective of the high standard of work we deliver, invoiced monthly.
Our aim is build a company which is known as being trustworthy and friendly and for it to be recognised as an ethical, profitable company. Our company produces very little paper - all of our invoices are emailed to you and we print very little.
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Simply Business - Cleaner Liability Insurance

Simply Business - Cleaner Liability Insurance

Public Liability : £1,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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I have been really pleased and impressed with the level of cleaning from Mandie.

The Team

i, my name is Mary and I am really pleased to be working with Heart Cleaning.
I am 45 years old have two daughters which are both of working age. I have a springer spaniel called Dominic and am not afraid of hard work. I am easy going and a good communicator but my weaknesses are chocolate and coke!
I believe a house should be a home. It should be clean but also lived in - not too sterile! After a short while away I am really pleased to be back working with Heart Cleaning and getting cleaning.
Mary Heart Cleaning Employee since 03 July 2012
Iona Heart Cleaning Employee since 25 June 2013
ello my name is Shelley , Im a long standing member of Heart! I love cleaning and think a clean and tidy house is a happier home.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist when I'm cleaning, it has got to look right or I will keep going until it's perfect. A clean house is a happy home x
Shelley Heart Cleaning Employee since 24 September 2013
i my name is Jo I'm a Portuguese 26 years old. I have two young children. We have 3 cats. I have been cleaning since I can remember. I was brought up in a nice,clean and tidy house.
I clean my house on daily basis and with two young children believe me there's always something to do. I intend to give you my very best high standard when cleaning your house.
Always makes me feel much better after I've put the Hoover around,moped my floors, cleaned the toilets and done some dusting. A clean home is a happy home!
Jo Heart Cleaning Employee since 24 March 2016
am 50 years of age and a single mother of two.
I absolutely love cleaning and pay great attention to detail. I will leave your home looking beautiful so you can put your feet up and enjoy it.
Terri Heart Cleaning Employee since 25 April 2016
iya my name is Carey (prefer Kerry) I'm 28 a mum of three beautiful children! I love doing active things with my family and fun activity's. I love cleaning and gardening!!
Carey Heart Cleaning Employee since 06 February 2016
am a mum of two boys and My interests are scouting, I am the Beaver Leader of the Swanmore group.
I love dog walking and regularly walk with couple Hampshire Dachshund groups.
Due to this I have to quite well organised and plan ahead with the children's events.
Roisin Heart Cleaning Employee since 24 October 2016
i my name is Lucy Iím 26 years old, have two children Frankie and Mia-Rose ages 3 and 6 and a pomchi whoís our baby!
Iím not going to lie I love to party and a drop of alcohol or two when I get the chance! Itís a bit sad but one of my hobbies is cleaning!
I have a bit of OCD and love things to sparkle. Being part of the heart cleaning team I can make the homes sparkle and gleam!
Lucy Heart Cleaning Employee since 11 September 2018
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